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Direct Digital Marketing

Reach the right audience!

Use our platform to reach the audience that you want to reach. You can reach viewers of our platform online or advertise in our digital magazine that goes to our subscribers' phones and emails.

Business Listings

List your business for free on our site and get feedback from customer reviews that do not get listed publicly. Rather we take the overall ratings and display those based off user reviews and give you their comments so you know their response. Business listings also display all connected listings that were listed with the business name. They also display all business cards associated with the business name and position.

Business Cards

The ultimate solution to promote yourself. Intelligent display cards that display all your contact information digitally. You can access and update anytime in the air.

Services Listings

List and share services currently offered by your business.

For Sale

List items being sold by your business with your custom pay link options. Purchase items directly through our digital magazine or place your items to be purchased.


List or find housing in various locations.

Jobs Listings

Jobs offered by employers seeking to hire. If logged in you can apply with your digital resume to better your chances of getting a job.

Digital Magazine

The digital age is here!

Out with the old and in with the new! Our interactive digital magazine reaches the masses once a month, every month. It is sent to all phone numbers and emails on our subscribe

Subscribe Free Now

Join our massive text and email list. It's free to join. Free information about business promotions, products, and services you will receive once a month.

Digital Magazine

Hello how are you? Im fine. Thank you. Come on now follow my lead. Come on now follow my lead.

Hire Me Now

List yourself to be noticed by many employers out there!  With our click to call/text me now function, employers can contact you by the click of a button.

Green List

Contact our green listed agencies. These agencies will bring the work to you based on information you provided when you registered for your HHA or CNA training program. Choose the agency that best fits the job you need!

Career Education

Name of business-class name- seats remaining- date of class- time of class.

Follow Me

Photo along with social links.