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Digi Health

Where technology meets health. Find the best healthcare services available. Digital Assistant for Homecare agencies 


Digi Net

Get consultation to create the website you want and on turning your business into a digital environment


Digi Biz

All the services you need to start, run, or maintain your business 

Digi List

We digitally manifest specific lists by scraping the internet and our resources of relevant data for your business 

Digi Legal

Real attorneys for your business to seek legal advice, review your contracts, etc. 

Services geared to helping you start your project. Do you have an idea you need financial or marketing assistance with, etc.?

Digi Start

Digi Find

A unique digital service allows you to tell us anything you need help with and we will be able to see the best fit solution for you 


Digi Ed

Digitally listed educational resources for you to jump start your career 

Digi Affiliate

Business Informer Digital Official Affiliate Associations. Become an affiliate to sell products and services to gain revenue

Digi Invest

Would you like to invest your money on start up projects? Benefits for each individual projects 

Digi Consultant

Any and all consultation needs. Digitally automated routing will help us help you get exactly what you need 

Digi Survey

Have us cast surveys to help gather information. This information can be used to better advance a service product or business